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Funnel Forms

Advanced forms? No problem.

AppTrends can handle anything you throw at it. Your finely-tuned forms with variants are pushed over to Shopify with ease.

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Key Form Types

Basic Forms

Create a product sequence and add the products you want to send to your customer at each billing renewal. Send out the product over and over, different product each time the renew, bundles, the sky is the limit.

Advanced Forms

When a customer renews, we'll match up the product to their billing interval and push that product to Shopify. So if your customer renewed and it's month 2, and month 2 is associated with a t-shirt in your sequence, we'll push that t-shirt into Shopify immediately.

Crazy Ass Forms

You'll wake up to orders sitting in Shopify under the appropriate customers that need to be shipped out. Hands-free, fully automated, and simply awesome.

Plus we offer FREE forms

Covering a wide range of your most basic needs. No cost to you what-so-ever.

While the forms above are amazing, sometimes simple is all that's needed. We offer a range of variant forms for the most simplest of products. Drop downs, Multi-Discount, Bundles with variants, etc. These FREE forms come with your AppTrends account.