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Funnel Magic

It’s not magic, it just feels like it.

Our advanced software makes importing funnel to orders to Shopify feel native. With minimal setup time, you’ll never have to handle doing these manually ever again.

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We had the same dream. We set out to do this one thing and do it the best; sell products from Click Funnels while having Shopify handle the customer organization and shipping. Discover this missing piece to complete Click Funnels ecom freedom.

No CSVs or exporting ever again

Exports? CSVs? Spreadsheets?
Never Again.

Your orders are too important to risk error. Having to manually export data, import data, dealing with spreadsheets, etc, leaves room for error, missing data, and headaches. But most of all, time lost.

We've removed all the need for anything 'manual' and bring your orders directly from Click Funnels into Shopify with complete accuracy and laser sharp diligence.

Easy, Seamless, 100% hands free.

  • No more risking your orders to get them into Shopify with multiple exports, spreadsheets, and CSV's.
  • No more putting your orders into the hands of a VA.
  • Our algorithms triple checks your orders and then some for perfect data accuracy.

Dropshippers Rejoice.

Click Funnels for selling, Shopify's backend for customer organization and shipping. How about Click Funnels orders directly into Oberlo, Dropified or POD (Print on Demand) solutions? Done.

We've removed all the barriers so you can effectively and efficiently dropship from Click Funnels while fully utilizing Click Funnels 'one-click-upsells' for that much higher Average Order Value. Orders pass through to your preferred dropshipping (Oberlo, Dropified, etc) or POD app. Logistics no more.

  • Dropship products within your funnels with zero worries or zero work.
  • Orders will appear in Shopify as if the order originated from Shopify itself.
  • Click Funnels orders pass through to Shopify and into Oberlo or other dropshipping or POD apps.

Bundles In Funnels And Into Shopify?
You Bet.

Bundling products always makes for massive sales in your funnel. Create a Bundle for a high converting Upsell or Downsell and see that massive increase in your Average Order Value (AOV). But how to bring the products into Shopify individually? We made it easy and simple to do just that.

Go as far as testing products within your Bundle to find the perfect Bundle that'll sell. Bundle isn't converting? Remove a product and replace with another until you find that perfect Bundle of products that'll convert like crazy.

  • Create unlimited Bundles and watch your sales soar.
  • Test products easily within your Bundle to find that perfect Bundle.
  • Bundles go into Shopify as individual products under that customer for easy management and Shipping.
Removing Barriers

Removing All Ecom Barriers.
Freedom Is Everything.

The 'tech' should never stand in your way when you want to experiment and test products within your funnels. Testing product to find a winning upsell and downsell is just as important to create the highest return.

But what happens after you make a sale with a product you're testing? You still need that sale going to Shopify in order to ship it; regardless if you're going to keep it in your funnel. No worries...we got you 100% covered no matter what you do...

  • Test, sell, and flip out product fast in your funnel, even when the product isn't in your Shopify store.
  • Test products are still organized perfectly under your customer in Shopify, thus allowing you to ship with ease without missing a beat.
  • No more trying to figure out what customer gets shipped what item.
Removing Barriers

Time Is Everything.

Time is everything. Laser sharp efficiency creates more time, thus allowing you to focus on more important things like selling, creating more profit, or calling your mother (you really should call your mother).

You work so hard building your funnels and testing product. Getting your Click Funnels orders into Shopify for customer organization and shipping, should never be a part of your daily workload or routine.

As a matter of fact, we want you to forget that we're even working in the background. Yes, it is that seamless. Profit more by focusing on what you do best...selling.

  • No more managing VA's.
  • No more trying to find tech related shortcuts
  • No more wasting time.