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If i push orders from Click Funnels into Shopify via AppTrends, will I have to pay processing fees on both Click Funnels (ie, Stripe) and Shopify?

Not at all! You will only pay processing fees on the platform where the sale originated from. In this case, Click Funnels (Stripe). Once the order goes into Shopify, you are only paying your monthly Shopify membership fees.

Does AppTrends have any tutorial videos so i can see what i'm getting into ahead of time?

Absolutely! All you have to do is signup with AppTrends for free. No Credit Card is needed to sign up and view the tutorials. The only time a Credit Card is needed is when YOU'VE decide that you're ready to dive into the platform. Until then, hang out as long as you'd like. When you ready to use AppTrends, adding a Credit Card will unlock the whole platform.

Does my 14-day Trial start when i signup to unlock the tutorial videos, or when i put in my Credit Card to unlock the whole platform?

When you sign up to AppTrends for the first time, you unlock all our tutorial videos. At this stage, your 14-day trial DOES NOT begin. We purposely did things this way so you can take your time to absorb all the videos. You can stay as long as you'd like.

When you decide it's time to crush it, and you add your Credit Card to unlock the platform, that is when your 14-day free trial begins.

How does the membership tier system work with my AppTrends subscription?

Everyone begins their subscription at our base level $39.95 (Tier 1) membership. At the end of each month, we'll total up your orders. If you are under 150 orders for the month, you'll stay in Tier 1. If you gone beyond that (say 300 orders for the month), you'll be bumped into Tier 2. Now let's say you have a bad month and your orders drop down to below 150 orders. You'll then be brought back down to Tier 1 and only pay $39.95.

Why do we do this? Because we all have slow months, and as well, great months. Everyone benefits when you have a great month and are crushing it. During those slow months, we'll take the hit with you and bring your costs down significantly into a lower Tier.